Bootstrapping accounts

This page describes how to set up the data in a Metrici instance from scratch.

A plain install only sets up the admin user. It does not set up any accounts. Setting up a fresh instance involves:

  • Installing standard libraries.
  • Creating an account for the admin user.
  • Creating an account for the "accounts" account authority, which will be used to create user accounts.


Step 1 - Create the admin password

Modify config.xml in the WEB-INF directory to include the line at the bottom of list of includes.


Startup Metrici. If this is the first time, wait 2 minutes for the derivation of system nodes to complete.

Sign in as admin with password password. Change the password. Shut down Metrici. Remove the modification to config.xml. Start Metrici up again.

If you don't have a theme, set the theme to Later on, you can set it back to a standard theme.

Step 2 - Import standard libraries

Export the definitive library folder. Import it in to the new instance.

Let the imported nodes recalculate - see the log to see how derivation is performing. There are a number of recursive relationships within library, and it is worth performing a full recalculate on library.core.MemberTypeType and waiting for derivation to complete, and then a second full recalculate.

Also check that library.account_manager.main, second tab. There should be 40+ steps. If there are not, perform a full recalculate on library.process.ActionType.

Step 3 - Create the Admin package

As admin, navigate to library/aggregator/AggregatorPackageType, and use the New Aggregator Package link (from the More menu) to a node with a reference of "admin".

Step 4 - Import admin.library

Export the definitive admin.library folder. Import it to the new instance.

Step 5 - Complete setup of the admin account

As admin, go to the settings page and turn off session protection.

Paste all of admin setup into the submit service request box, and run it.

This should set up the admin account. Click on home and check that the admin home page is set and contains Library, Account templates, Accounts, Admin LIbrary and Permissions.

Step 5 - Create the account authority account

From admin/account_templates, use the create link on "Admin account template" to create a new account. Call the account "Accounts" and give it a reference of "accounts".

Step 6 - Complete setup of the account authority

Sign in as accounts.

Go to the settings page and turn off session protection.

Paste all of accounts setup into the submit service request box, and run it.

This should set up the accounts account. Click on home and check that the accounts home page has Account templates and Accounts folders.

Step 7 - Grant permissions

This step permits the "accounts" user to be an account authority and permits anyone to create a new basic account.

Sign in as admin.

Go to admin/permissions/AccountAuthorityPermissions and recalculate the node twice.

Go to admin/permissions/AccountTemplatePermissions and recalculate the node twice.

Using the new instance

For simple tests, create folders in admin to try things out.

To create a new account, run accounts/account_templates/basic_account?method=execute&action=signUp