Account services

The account services are a set of runnable, script-based services that provide the core processing for accounts and products.

Create Account Service

The Create Account service is run by an account authority to create a new account.

This only creates the account. It does not install any initial services - that is performed by the account template.

Delete Account Service

Deletes an account. It must be run by the owning account authority, who must not be the primary user of the account.

Create Subscription Service

Create a subscription to a product.

This creates a subscription to a single product. It will return an error if there is already a subscription to the product. It does not create any instances.

Get Product Service

Returns details about a product. Must be run by someone with permission to read details of the product. Before a subscription is created, it can only be called by the account authority.

List Required Install Services Service

Calculates what services are required to perform one or more product installs or updates. This can include creation or update of subscriptions or instances.

This returns a list of product services that are required.

Test Product Key Service

Check that a product keys matches the input value.

List Subscriptions Service

List all the subscriptions in an account. This returns enough information to build the subcriptions list and determine what updates can be applied.

The service must be run by the account authority.

Enable Subscription

Enable or disable a subscription.

This must be run by an account authority.


Update Subscription Service

Update a subscription to a product to the latest version.

Calculate Unsubscribe Impact Service

Calculates the impact of an unsubscribe.

Delete Subscription Service

Delete a subscription. This does not perform impact analysis or delete any instances.

Create Instance Service

Create an instance of a product. This must be run after the product subscription. It must be run by the account holder, not the account authority.

This service does not register the instance. However, it does grant link permission to the account authority so that they can register the instance.

Register Instance Service

Register an instance of a product against the subscription to the product. Registration is used to control the updating of instance. This must be run by the account authority.

Update Instance Service

Update an instance, i.e. bring it up-to-date with the latest version. This must be run by the account holder.

This service does not register the instance.

Delete Instance Service

Delete a single instance. This must be run by the account holder.

Register Product Theme Service

Register or deregister a product theme, i.e. add or remove the themes associated with a product to the list of product themes for the account.

This creates the product theme selector node for the account if it does not already exist.