Account manager actions

This page documents the process step types used by the account manager. See the Account Manager Main Process for a definitive view of the process steps.

Set account home node

Change the home node for the account.

This creates a page from which the user can enter a new home page. May be run in a popup.

Display account action

Displays the contents of an account action.

Init account action

Initialises an account action. This may perform the entire action. Alternatively, it may use the Home action (system.PROPERTIES.homeAction) property to guide the user through the action.

Delete account

Delete the account.

This is a UI component that returns a confirmation page before performing the delete. It can be run in a popup.

Open product

Dialog to open a product by entering its reference. Once the product has been entered, control is passed to displayProduct to show the product details and offer the user an install option.

Display product

Display details for a single product, passed in the nodeVersionReferenceProduct parameter. Shows Install and Update buttons as appropriate.

Calculate product services

Calculate product services is called as a sub-process that works out what product install services are required and composes suitable confirmation text.

Perform product services

Perform product services is executed as a sub-process to perform product install services. It is only ever called from other steps, never from the UI. The purpose of this step is to simplify the overall design by allowing previous steps to determine what services are required, and then for this step to perform the services and perform the required credential switching.

Check product keys

Calculate whether the user needs to enter product keys. If they do, solicit product keys from them and validate them.

When all product keys are entered and correct, or none are required, continue to confirm the action.

Product action

Ask the user to confirm a product action, and then perform the product action.

Check update product instances

Determine if the user can update a product.

Check uninstall product

Check whether a product can be uninstalled and ask whether instances should be deleted.

Check create instance

Calculate whether the user may create a new instance of a product. If they do, ask them for an optional instance name and reference. When entered, continue to confirm and perform the action.

Display connections

Display the Connections page.

Create invitation

Create an invitation.

Send invitation

Send an email that invites someone to connect.

Accept invitation

Ask the user for an invitation reference, and redirect them to accept an invitation.