Metrici Portal

Revolutionise application development

Develop applications ten times faster with Metrici Portal.

Metrici Portal is a secure online platform for developing and running web-based applications.

Metrici Portal is based on our unique extensible data-driven development (XDDD) approach, allowing it to deliver complex solutions with unprecedented speed. We estimate that this provides a tenfold increase in productivity compared with conventional, code-based development.

Unique design

The portal has a unique design, combining a sophisticated processing engine with extensive data libraries to define every aspect of your application.


Metrici Portal can be used for any type of application. Existing customers use the portal for data management, data visualisation, process management and collaboration.

Robust security

Security is a priority. The portal provides a secure online service and applications benefit from multiple built-in security controls.

Rich features and integration

Metrici Portal offers a rich set of features, providing all the components you need to create advanced applications. Its integration capabilities allows you to create solutions that connect seamlessly with other systems and services.

Building and running applications

Metrici Portal is used for both building and running applications.

Application are developed in data, not code. This makes development simpler and faster, and makes it easier to build complex solutions.

Additional logic components, such as validation rules and calculations, are implemented in JavaScript stored within the data.

Flexibility and collaboration

Metrici Portal has strong collboration features. You can use it to build solutions for just one user, or one department, or to collaborate across your organisation, or to extend services to customers, suppliers and partners.

Solution providers

If you are a solutions provider, you can build and package applications to be used by your customers.

The portal service can be completed rebranded, allowing you to present the solution as your own, or using your customer's own brand.

Metrici provide a complete hosting service for your solutions, and can provide private instances or onsite hosting where required.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you deliver them using Metrici Portal.