Metrici Data Hub

An easy way to deliver sophisticated data management solutions

Metrici Data Hub is a flexible, data-driven data management suite that automates multiple data management requirements.

Metrici Portal is an effective platform for building web-based solutions, but not everything is a web-based solution. Some solutions require a free-standing data resource, such as a data warehouse, reporting system, master data management system, integration staging area, search index, data lake, and so on. Metrici Data Hub makes it easy to build these types of data-based system.

The data hub has a rich set of features.

  • Load and merge data from multiple sources.
  • Create multiple outputs from one set of inputs.
  • Target multiple storage types including all leading databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc) and Elasticsearch/Opensearch.
  • Manage linking, normalisation and denormalisation of data.
  • Preserve a complete change history, including recording the provenance (source) of each individual field for traceability.
  • Retain source data to allow target structures to be modified or rebuilt, or to be accessed as a data lake.
  • Include file-based resources such as documents and images within the data store.
  • Comprehensive web service, batch file, command line and programming interfaces for data load, export and query.
  • Scripting support for custom data manipulation and custom web services.
  • Unique data-driven data mapping that is fully automated in most cases and greatly simplifies complex cases.
  • Comprehensive security controls.

The data hub is driven by metadata which is managed in Metrici Portal. Creation of the metadata can be completely automated from a visual data model, providing unparalleled development speed.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you deliver them using Metrici Data Hub.