Why work with Metrici

There are loads of good reasons for choosing Metrici to deliver solutions to your customers.


With Metrici, you can deliver the whole of the solution from a single toolset. You don't need lots of separate tools – and skills – for coding, databases, web design, product packaging, hosting and deployment. You can build the whole solutions with a browser and a single skill set.


Because Metrici solutions are defined in data, it's really quick to develop solutions.


Because Metrici looks after all the hosting, your solutions are already deployed and ready for your customers.


Because they are defined in data, Metrici solutions are easy to change, and can evolve as your customer needs evolve.


Metrici's flexible structure lets you support different customers on different versions of your solution, or even provide variants of your solution for different markets.


Metrici was designed to do difficult stuff. Whether it's a complex data structure, a web service interface, or the need to work in multiple languages, it will be easiest in Metrici.


Metrici gives you complete control over brand and style, so you can deploy Metrici products as if they were your own.


Metrici's product packaging and account handling let you provide your solution as a fully automated, self-service offer. All you need to do is sit back and take the money!

Working with Metrici

  • We offer low-cost reseller licensing to maximise your profitability. We can arrange licensing around the sale of your product, so that we make money when you make money.
  • We can support your pre-sales effort, to help you present the benefits of Metrici-based solutions to your customers.
  • We can train your people in Metrici, work with you as you get started on your first solutions, and support you with expert consultancy if you need it.
  • If you prefer, we can provide a complete design and build solution for you to sell on.
  • We provide free professional developer licenses for qualified partners.
  • We provide enhanced support services to back the support you provide to your customers.