Metrici Value For Money

Metrici Value For Money (VFM) Method

Our five step VFM method provides the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Metrici application development.

1. Tell us what you want to achieve

Step one of the VFM method establishes the high-level objectives for your application and creates an initial view of what the application has to achieve to meet the objectives. The VFM method uses a template to guide this process. The template includes:

  A description of the business area, to ensure common understanding.

  The business opportunities that the solution is intended to address.

  What changes to business practices are required to grasp this opportunity.

  What improvements you need to make to the provision of information to support the changes.

  Working out where that information comes from and how it needs to be processed.

2. Explore the options together

Step two of the VFM method expands the requirements defined in step one to fully understand all the information required to meet your objectives. Step two uses the same template as step one, gathering more detail:

  A full understanding of your organisational structure, which is used as the basis for designing security into the application.

  A breakdown of how the information should be structured.

  A description of any processing requirements such as calculations and summaries.

  A description of how the systems interact with people, including a definition of different user roles.

  A list of systems with which the new systems should interact, what those other systems do, and what information needs to be passed between systems.

3. Design the Metrici solution

Step three of the VFM method maps your requirements to Metrici. In many cases, your requirements can be achieved using existing Metrici components and the design simply defines what configuration is required. If the requirements need additional functionality then we document the design for new components including:

  Whether the requirements all belong to the same application, or whether they are better delivered as multiple applications.

  How to represent the required information using Metrici's folder structures.

  Full specification of the required processing.

  Detailed descriptions of interfaces to other systems.

  Detailed breakdown of user roles and permissions.

4. We build your application

In step four of the VFM method we build your application. We use standard Metrici components to build as much as we can and build custom components as required. This includes:

  Templates to define the structure of the application.

  Custom data types and processes.

  Custom themes, brands, and styling.

  New and updated documentation.

  New and updated test plans and automated tests.

Throughout the build activity we maintain a sample version of the application available for the customer to review progress. At the end of the build we freeze the application and use this to create a new installation for acceptance testing.

5. Start using your application

In step five of the VFM method we go live with your application. This includes:

  Creating a new live instance of the application.

  Defining users and assigning them to roles to secure the application.

  Configuring integration points with existing websites and applications.

Your Metrici application is now live and ready to use.