Metrici Price List

£0 / month (FREE)

   Unlimited users 

   Advert supported 

   Upgrade any time 

   For non-commercial use only 

£10 / user / month

   Unlimited users 

   Advert free 

   Cancel any time 

   For commercial or non-commercial use 

All prices are per calendar month, in UK pounds, and exclude VAT. Prices exclude subscriptions to additional paid-for products. See "Pricing fine print" below for details.


All customers receive our standard support as part of their license payments. In addition, Metrici provide the “Metrici Assist” programme.

Metrici Assist is an all-you-can-eat support programme which lets you focus on doing your job and leaves all the management of your Metrici service to us.

Metrici Assist includes all the help you need during configuration, data maintenance, user setup, application upgrade, as well as priority service for your queries, bug fixes and support.

We offer Metrici Assist at a fixed, all-you-can eat price, so that there is no disincentive for you to use the service and every incentive for us to provide a problem-free service to you.

Compare Metrici Assist with our standard support:



Metrici Assist

Problems and bug fixes

  • Best efforts only
  • No recovery time objective.
  • Priority service
  • 24 hour recovery time objective

Data management (e.g. archiving)

  • Help guide
  • Best effort response to specific queries
  •  All done for you

Software and application upgrades

  • Help guide
  • Release Instructions
  •  All done for you

Application development

  • Not included
  • Small works (up to 1 hour duration) included
  • Fixed price proposals for larger pieces

Customer assistance

  • Email only

Office hours

  • Email
  • Phone / Call Back
  • Instant Messaging

Out of hours

  • Email support

Metrici offer Metrici Assist at £250 + VAT per month.

Pricing fine print

Commercial use

Our definition of commercial use is any use of the platform that you do as part of your paid-for job or in pursuit of your profession or on behalf of an organisation that has paid employees.

You are welcome to use Metrici for free for development and evaluation purposes, but ask that you upgrade to a paid-for license for all live use. Please contact us to take advantage of the support we can provide during evaluation and during development of Metrici solutions.

Calculating number of users

We calculate the number of users within an account each calendar month, based on who has signed in during the month and was created at least 28 days before they signed in. Temporary users, for example survey respondents, are not counted as users provided they do not sign in 28 days after they have been created. Each distinct web service client (connected system) requires a user license.

Data allowance

The £10/user/month price includes an allowance of 1000 data nodes (Metrici's unit of data storage, each one of which is viewable as a separate page on Metrici). This is sufficient in most cases. Additional nodes are charged at £0.001/node.

Each node includes an allowance of 5MB of storage for uploaded files. If total file storage exceeds 5MB/node, additional nodes must be purchased.

Closure of dormant accounts

We may close unused free accounts after 90 days of inactivity, though we will endeavour to contact you before we delete your data.

Paid-for accounts where no-one has signed in and storage is less than 1000 nodes will be considered dormant and will be treated as free accounts, and will be subject to deletion after 90 days.

Licensing applications you have developed

Customers are free to license applications they have developed to other organisations at any price without payment of royalties to Metrici.

Other organisations will need to pay usage fees. Metrici are happy to support customers who wish to bundle the Metrici usage fees with their application license fees, and will support customers with re-branding the Metrici offer.

Fair use

It is not Metrici's intent to penalise customers for unrepresentative high levels of usage (for example, generating a large number of users during a test). Customer are invited to examine details of the usage calculations and query license levels that do not reflect their actual usage of the system.

Metrici expects customers to respect the spirit of the Metrici license agreements, and not to take measures to circumvent it, for example by disguising live use as an evaluation, augmenting paid-for accounts with free accounts, or using technical means to circumvent usage or storage accounting. Metrici reserves the right to monitor account usage.

Metrici may increase prices from time-to-time. Metrici undertake not to raise prices for existing customers higher than those generally offered to new customers.

Metrici Assist

The Metrici Assist support service may be used by up to three named individuals from the same organisation, for support of Metrici solutions used within that organisation only. A help desk group providing user support counts as a single individual.

Organisations may purchase whole support days at our standard consultancy rates either to augment the Metrici Assist service, or as an alternative.

Free development

Metrici offer, subject to availability and technical feasibility, to develop an initial version of an applications for free. The offer is subject to a maximum of 10 days work, which should be sufficient to develop the core functionality of a medium-sized application. The development will require you to work with us to define your needs to make sure we understand how the application will deliver value to your organisation.

Customers may evaluate the application for 30 days without payment of any usage fees, and are not obliged to continue using the application after the free period.

The free offer is limited to one application per organisation.

Fixed-price development

Other development is offered on a fixed-price basis where possible. Where this is not possible, it is offered on a time and materials basis at our standard consultancy rates.

Copyright and intellectual property

In order to maximise reuse for the benefit of all customers, Metrici retains the copyright in all code developed on behalf of customers.

Metrici grants customers non-exclusive usage and modification rights to this code, and customers are free to modify applications developed on their behalf. Customers may engage third parties to extend and support applications, and are not obliged to continue to use Metrici services for applications initially developed by Metrici.

Metrici will not disclose confidential information provided by customers. Where Metrici is informed that an application contains proprietary materials (such as, for example, proprietary calculations), Metrici will not share those materials with other customers.