Metrici Consulting Services

Metrici offer a range of consulting services to help you manage your IT and maximise business value.

 Solution Design & Development

Metrici can design, develop and host the bespoke web and mobile applications you need to grow your business.

  We provide unique technology for quickly building low-cost bespoke IT applications where off-the-shelf business software doesn’t meet your needs.

  Our technology is based on 15 years of research and development and can be used to build all kinds of IT applications.

  Our five step VFM method provides the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Metrici application development.

 Software Selection Services

If you need a formal procurement and due dilligent process or scorecarding options to identify the ideal solution, Metrici can design and manage the best selection process for you.

  Build a bespoke library of selection criterion.

  Design RFP questionaires.

  Create and manage collection of RFP responses.

  Review your response scorecard to identify ideal solution.

 Integration Services

Metrici can design and implement the integration you need to connect all of your in-house, package, and cloud based IT systems.

 Assessment Services

Metrici can review your IT and deliver a detailed evaluation report and recommendations to help you get a better return on your IT investment.