Create a notification, which is typically used to send an email.

This provides a simplification of the full notification functionality, suitable for use with workers. The main restrictions are:

  • If there is no description, no notification is produced.
  • The recipients are always all the users associated with the worker.
  • Attachments are not supported.
  • Notification package cannot be set (it uses the default 'notificationPackage').
  • Script and communication class are always set to scriptWorkerNotification and communicationClassWorkerNotification.
  • The originating user can be suppressed from the list of recipients, but other users cannot.
  • Items is always set to the worker.
  • Action and action URL are not supported. This is because the notifications are not shown to the user as notifications and are not dismissable - if actions are required they can be embededded in the description.
  • Duplicate notification suppression is supported, but there's no support to suppress notifications by recipient (this option is only required when the lists of users change frequently).

It sends the notification to all the users associated with the worker.

It supports the following options, which can be set in config or in passed in data.

name Name for the notification. Should not contain markup, and will be escaped. Defaults to the name of the worker.
description Description of the notification. May contain markup.
importance One of 'default', 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'danger' or 'primary'. Default is 'default'.

If set to true or 'true', do not send the notification to the user who created it. Set this to true for notifications created directly as a result of user action, where it would not make sense to tell the current user that they have just performed the action.

Alternatively, if set to a user identifier, do not send notifications to that user.

notificationInterval A number of days during which a duplicate notifications should be suppressed. Defaults to 0 which means that duplicate notifications are not suppressed.
notificationReference An identifier used to uniquely identify this notification, to allow suppression of duplicates. Optional - if not given then duplicates are suppressed by the notification node only.

This has the same meaning as remote in set.

Can only be set in config.


Same usage as set step, indicates which properties can be passed in the parameters. This supports dataReference, start, interval, count, end and cancel.

Can only be set in config.

Runtime placeholders are supported. Remember to use XML escaping within the description (e.g. using %{name/xml}).


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