Provides support for process workers.

Action requiredWorkerActionRequiredIndicatorBoolean Field21 Mar 2022
ActionsWorkerUserActionsColumnScriptColumn Script15 Jun 2022
ActionsWorkerUserActionsDisplay Script Field15 Jun 2022
ActiveConnectionActiveColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
Address bookGroupAddressBookGrid Field23 Aug 2021
Advanced settingsDisplayAdvancedGroupSettingsDisplay Script Field24 Mar 2022
Allow process creationAllowProcessCreationIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
AttachmentsEventAttachmentsLink List Field23 Aug 2021
CallCallStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
ChatChatStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
ColourGroupColorColor Selection Field14 Mar 2022
ConfigurationWorkerConfigurationTypeType14 Mar 2022
Configuration optionsConfigurationOptionsField24 Mar 2022
ConnectionConnectionTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Connection groupConnectionGroupField11 Mar 2022
Connection Group AlertConnectionGroupAlertDisplay Script Field11 Mar 2022
Connection Group Field SwitchConnectionGroupFieldSwitchDisplay Script Field11 Mar 2022
Connection nameEventConnectionNameText Field23 Aug 2021
Connection rolesConnectionRolesField23 Aug 2021
Connection setupConnectionSetupStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Connection ViewConnectionViewView11 Mar 2022
ConnectionsConnectionsFolderTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
ConnectionsWorkerConnectionsField24 Mar 2022
Connections Folder PrototypeConnectionsFolderPrototypePackage Configuration15 Jun 2022
Connections ProcessConnectionsProcessProcess17 Jun 2022
Connections Status RulesConnectionsStatusRulesStatus Rules14 Mar 2022
Connections summaryConnectionsSummaryField23 Aug 2021
ControlControlWorkerTemplateWorker Template15 Jun 2022
Control Worker ProcessControlWorkerProcessProcess15 Jun 2022
Create connectionCreateConnectionStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
DataWorkerDataField21 Mar 2022
DataWorkerDataTypeType21 Mar 2022
Data FolderWorkerDataFolderTypeType14 Mar 2022
DeleteDeleteStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Delete all workersDeleteAllWorkersStepTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Delete groupDeleteGroupStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Derive Connection User GroupsDeriveConnectionUserGroupsDerivation Field11 Mar 2022
Derive ConnectionsDeriveConnectionsDerivation Field13 May 2022
Derive Dynamic WorkerDeriveDynamicWorkerDerivation Field15 Jun 2022
Derive GroupDeriveGroupDerivation Field13 May 2022
Derive Group HierarchyDeriveGroupHierarchyDerivation Field13 May 2022
Derive Group Process And Status Rules LinksDeriveGroupProcessAndStatusRulesLinksDerive Process And Status Rules15 Jun 2022
Derive Group Process Definition And Status RulesDeriveGroupProcessDefinitionAndStatusRulesDerivation Field15 Jun 2022
Derive Group User GroupsDeriveGroupUserGroupsDerivation Field11 Mar 2022
Derive WorkerDeriveWorkerDerivation Field24 Mar 2022
Derive Worker EventDeriveWorkerEventDerivation Field17 Jun 2022
Derive Worker TemplateDeriveWorkerTemplateDerivation Field15 Jun 2022
Derive Worker User GroupsDeriveWorkerUserGroupsDerivation Field11 Mar 2022
Display ConnectionsDisplayConnectionsDisplay Script Field11 Mar 2022
Display GroupDisplayGroupDisplay Script Field15 Jun 2022
Display GroupsDisplayGroupsDisplay Script Field15 Jun 2022
Display Worker SummaryDisplayWorkerSummaryDisplay Script Field24 Mar 2022
DownloadDownloadStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Dynamic WorkerDynamicWorkerTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
EvaluateEvaluateStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
EventWorkerEventTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Event timestampEventTimestampField23 Aug 2021
Event timestampEventTimestampLinkColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
Event typeWorkerEventTypeFieldField23 Aug 2021
Event ViewWorkerEventViewView24 Mar 2022
EventsDisplayWorkerEventsDisplay Script Field24 Mar 2022
Events FolderEventsFolderTypeType With Scripts24 Mar 2022
Factory Placeholder ResolverFactoryPlaceholderResolverTypeType15 Jun 2022
FieldFieldField23 Aug 2021
File Info Display ScriptFileInfoDisplayScriptScript17 Jun 2022
File Info ScriptFileInfoScriptScript13 May 2022
FormFormStepTypeType With Scripts16 Jun 2022
FrameFrameStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Get configGetConfigStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Get dataGetDataStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Get groupGetGroupStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Get group connection selection listsGetGroupConnectionSelectionListsStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Get processGetProcessStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
GroupGroupTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Group Actions ButtonGroupActionsButtonDisplay Script Field15 Jun 2022
Group Connections ScriptGroupConnectionsScriptScript13 Jun 2022
Group identifierGroupIdentifierField24 Mar 2022
Group pathGroupPathField13 May 2022
Group Path ScriptGroupPathScriptScript15 Jun 2022
Group ProcessGroupProcessProcess17 Jun 2022
Group Status RulesGroupStatusRulesStatus Rules14 Mar 2022
Group Worker ViewGroupWorkerViewView15 Jun 2022
GroupsGroupsField24 Mar 2022
GroupsGroupsFolderTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
IconWorkerIconColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
IconGroupIconIcon Selection Field14 Mar 2022
Init process identifierInitProcessIdentifierField24 Mar 2022
Initial actionWorkerInitialActionText Field23 Aug 2021
Last activity timestampLastActivityTimestampField24 Mar 2022
Last errorLastErrorColumnScriptColumn Script14 Feb 2022
LinksWorkerLinksField24 Mar 2022
MessageWorkerMessageText Block Field24 Mar 2022
Navigate to nodeNavigateToNodeStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
New groupNewGroupStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
New workerNewWorkerStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Notification email templateNotificationEmailTemplateTypeEmail Template14 Mar 2022
NotifyNotifyStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Of interestOfInterestIndicatorBoolean Field24 Mar 2022
Param redirectParamRedirectStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
ParentParentWorkerField24 Mar 2022
ParentParentGroupField9 Mar 2022
Path referencePathReferenceField13 May 2022
Period of interestPeriodOfInterestDaysNumber Field14 Mar 2022
PrivatePrivateIndicatorBoolean Field24 Mar 2022
Process identifierProcessIdentifierText Field24 Mar 2022
Process ownerWorkerProcessOwnerIndicatorBoolean Field21 Mar 2022
Process type nameProcessTypeNameField21 Mar 2022
Process type referenceProcessTypeReferenceText Field21 Mar 2022
Publication rulesPublicationRuleListField14 Feb 2022
PublishPublishStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Publish deletePublishDeleteField15 Jun 2022
Publish Message ServicePublishMessageServiceScript24 Mar 2022
Recalculate processRecalculateProcessIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
RedirectRedirectStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Refresh connected groupsRefreshConnectedGroupsStepTypeType With Scripts24 Mar 2022
ReminderReminderStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Reminder FormReminderFormForm14 Mar 2022
Reminder ScriptReminderScriptScript15 Jun 2022
Reset errorResetErrorStepTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Reset Of Interest ScriptResetOfInterestScriptScript24 Mar 2022
Resolve Factory PlaceholdersResolveFactoryPlaceholdersDerivation Field15 Jun 2022
RoleWorkerRoleText Field24 Mar 2022
RolesGroupRolesField11 Mar 2022
Roles and connectionsGroupRolesConnectionsField11 Mar 2022
Run scriptRunScriptStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Save filesSaveFilesStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
ScheduleScheduleStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
SendSendStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Send Notification Email ScriptSendNotificationEmailScriptScript23 Aug 2021
Send processSendProcessStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Send Process ScriptSendProcessScriptScript15 Jun 2022
SequenceSequenceNumber Field24 Mar 2022
SetSetStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Set attributesSetAttributesStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Set user dataSetUserDataStepTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Show Action/Recent/AllShowActionRecentAllSelectorIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
Show exitShowExitIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
Show group processesShowGroupProcessesIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
SourcePlaceholderResolverSourceLink Field23 Aug 2021
Standard Connection TypesStandardConnectionTypesNode Options Extend14 Mar 2022
Standard GroupsStandardGroupListLink List Field23 Aug 2021
Standard Worker Step TypesStandardWorkerStepTypesNode List15 Jun 2022
Start new processStartNewProcessStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
StatusWorkerStatusColumnScriptColumn Script24 Mar 2022
StatusWorkerStatusText Field24 Mar 2022
TaskTaskStepTypeType With Scripts21 Jun 2022
Task FormTaskFormForm31 May 2022
Task groupTaskGroupStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Task ScriptTaskScriptScript21 Jun 2022
TestConnectionTestColumnScriptColumn Script28 Jan 2022
Test channelTestChannelStepTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
TrustedTrustedIndicatorBoolean Field9 Dec 2021
UnpackUnpackStepTypeType With Scripts17 Jun 2022
Unpacker ScriptUnpackerScriptScript15 Jun 2022
Use channelsUseChannelsIndicatorBoolean Field28 Jan 2022
User groupsWorkerUserGroupListLink List Field23 Aug 2021
User nameEventUserNameText Field23 Aug 2021
WorkerWorkerTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Worker Actions ScriptWorkerActionsScriptScript16 Jun 2022
Worker activeWorkerActiveIndicatorBoolean Field21 Mar 2022
Worker Display ScriptWorkerDisplayScriptScript15 Jun 2022
Worker Factory ScriptWorkerFactoryScriptScript15 Jun 2022
Worker InstantiatorWorkerInstantiatorTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Worker nameWorkerNameText Field23 Aug 2021
Worker Notification Communication ClassWorkerNotificationCommunicationClassNode Options23 Aug 2021
Worker Notification ScriptWorkerNotificationScriptScript23 Aug 2021
Worker ScriptWorkerScriptScript17 Jun 2022
Worker TemplateWorkerTemplateTypeType With Scripts15 Jun 2022
Worker typeWorkerTypeLinkLink Field23 Aug 2021