Submission Node


A node which may be used as part of the submission process.  It is typically a script, for example of type Script (library.core.ScriptType).

The types within library.survey use the submission node in the following way:
  1. On the survey response, a submit button (e.g. library.survey.Submit) executes the Node Script (system.NODE_SCRIPT) method on the survey node type.
  2. The node script, defined on Survey Questionnaire Prototype (library.survey.SurveyQuestionnairePrototype), looks up the survey definition node and from that looks up the submission node. If it can not find one or the other of these, it returns to the package containing the survey response.
  3. The node script on the survey node type calls the submission node to perform the submission. It is passed the submission node (i.e. itself) in the attribute "submissionNode". This node can then do what it needs to to perform the submission, such as send an email or sign the user out.
The type Submitter (library.survey.SubmitterType) provides a simple way of creating a submission node.

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