A survey is a use case in which a new user is created specifically to enter data or demonstrate materials in Advisor. A survey is made up of a number of parts:

  • A package which will hold the nodes created as a result of running surveys.
  • A node type which creates each instance of the survey. This can create a single instance or through triggers create a whole structure.
  • A user group to hold the survey users. Each survey should have a different user group.
  • A user, the survey owner or administrator, under whose authority the survey nodes are created. This should not be a normal user, though it is created as one. The survey owner should have authority to create users in the survey user group, to create nodes in the survey package, and to use the survey node type.

To create a survey, create an instance of Survey Definition (library.survey.SurveyDefinitionType). Enter the survey package, node type and user group, information for creating survey users, and whether the survey should start in browse or edit mode. Change the owner of the instance to the survey owner. You can now create instances of the survey by accessing the survey node with ?method=execute appended.