Metadata for managing surveys, demonstrations, tasters and similar usage patterns.

Administrator ManifestAdministratorManifestMember Type21 Dec 2018
Cancel Transaction MethodCancelTransactionMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
Confirm Delete ButtonsConfirmDeleteButtonsMember Type With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Contributor ManifestContributorManifestMember Type21 Dec 2018
Definition Member TypeDefinitionMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Definition NodeDefinitionNodeMember Type21 Dec 2018
DeleteDeleteSurveyResponseMaintainerPlugInType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Delete ConfirmationDeleteConfirmationText Block14 Mar 2022
Delete Temporary User MethodDeleteTemporaryUserMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
Do not sign user outdo_not_sign_outConstant23 Aug 2021
DocumentationDocumentationPage30 Sep 2022
Email Member TypeEmailMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Email TemplateEmailTemplateMember Type21 Dec 2018
Password Member TypePasswordMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
RedirectRedirectMember Type21 Dec 2018
Show DescriptionShowDescriptionScript Block14 Mar 2022
Sign OutSignOutMember Type23 Aug 2021
Sign user out and retain user credentialssign_out_keepConstant23 Aug 2021
Start In Edit ModeStartInEditModeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Submission NodeSubmissionNodeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Submit ButtonSubmitButtonMember Type With Scripts23 Aug 2021
SubmitterSubmitterTypeType23 Aug 2021
Submitter PrototypeSubmitterPrototypeScript23 Aug 2021
Survey Configuration CheckSurveyConfigurationCheckScript Block14 Mar 2022
Survey ControlSurveyControlMember Type Group23 Aug 2021
Survey DefinitionSurveyDefinitionTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Survey DefinitionSurveyDefinitionMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey Definition Survey Member Type PrototypeSurveyDefinitionSurveyMemberTypePrototypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey EmailSurveyEmailMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey NameSurveyNameMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey Node NameSurveyNodeNameMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey Node TypeSurveyNodeTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey PackageSurveyPackageMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey Questionnaire PrototypeSurveyQuestionnairePrototypeType With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Survey ScriptSurveyScriptScript23 Aug 2021
Survey User GroupSurveyUserGroupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Survey User NameSurveyUserNameMember Type21 Dec 2018
Temporary User Logon ReferenceTemporaryUserLogonReferenceMember Type21 Dec 2018
Temporary User PasswordTemporaryUserPasswordMember Type21 Dec 2018
User Logon Reference Member TypeUserLogonReferenceMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
User SetupUserSetupTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
User SetupUserSetupScript Block14 Mar 2022
User Setup InstructionsUserSetupInstructionsText Block14 Mar 2022