Encryption and security tokens.

Application URLApplicationURLText Field23 Aug 2021
AudienceJWTAudienceField23 Aug 2021
Exact height in pixels (set below)IframeHeightExactConstant23 Aug 2021
Expiry period (seconds)JWTExpiryPeriodSecondsNumber Field14 Mar 2022
Fill the rest of the pageIframeHeightAutoConstant23 Aug 2021
Iframe heightIframeHeightField23 Aug 2021
IssuerJWTIssuerText Field23 Aug 2021
JWT Creator ScriptJWTCreatorScriptScript23 Sep 2021
JWT ManagerJWTManagerTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Key pairJWTKeyPairLink Field23 Aug 2021
Key PairKeyPairTypeType With Scripts17 Sep 2021
Payload scriptJWTPayloadScriptLinkLink Field23 Aug 2021
Refresh expiry period (seconds)JWTRefreshExpiryPeriodSecondsNumber Field14 Mar 2022
Refresh indicatorJWTRefreshIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
Resize height to fit contentsIframeHeightContentsConstant23 Aug 2021
Run in iframeRunInIframIndicatorBoolean Field23 Aug 2021
ScopeJWTScopeText Field23 Aug 2021
SPA ControllerSPAControllerTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022