Defines the Question type, which can be used for creating end-user question member types.

Apply ButtonApplyButtonTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Apply Button Footer PrototypeApplyButtonFooterPrototypeTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Attachment ScriptAttachmentScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Button textButtonTextMember Type21 Dec 2018
Check boxesCheckBoxStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Check boxesTargetCheckBoxConstant23 Aug 2021
CompletionCompletionMember Type14 Mar 2022
Completion Column ScriptCompletionColumnScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Completion ruleCompletionIndicatorMember Type23 Aug 2021
Completion RuleCompletionRuleMember Type21 Dec 2018
Custom styleCustomStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
DateDateStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Derive Completion RuleDeriveCompletionRuleDerivation Member Type23 Aug 2021
Drop-downDropDownStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Drop-downTargetDropDownConstant23 Aug 2021
Drop-down multiple selectDropDownMultipleStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Drop-down sortSortTargetsDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
EditorEditorStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
EditorValueEditorConstant23 Aug 2021
FalseFalseConstant23 Aug 2021
File attachmentAttachmentStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Following textButtonFollowingTextMember Type21 Dec 2018
Grade ListGradeListWrappedDependent Member Type14 Mar 2022
Grade SetGradeSetWrappedDependent Member Type14 Mar 2022
HyperlinksShowTargetLinkDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Interpret OptionsInterpretOptionsMember Type14 Mar 2022
Interpret Question StyleInterpretQuestionStyleMember Type14 Mar 2022
Jump to member typeJumpToMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Jump To Member Type MethodJumpToMemberTypeMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
Jump To Member Type ScriptJumpToMemberTypeScriptScript14 Mar 2022
LineValueLineConstant23 Aug 2021
Line lengthLineLengthDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Line SwitchLineSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
LinkTargetTypeSelectorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Link completionTargetCompletionIndicatorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Link descriptionShowTargetDescriptionDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Link headingTargetCaptionDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Link questionTargetPreambleEditDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
link-number-textPartOrderTargetScaleValueConstant23 Aug 2021
link-text-numberPartOrderTargetValueScaleConstant23 Aug 2021
List sortSortMembersDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
LookupLookupDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Member Type Callback MethodMemberTypeCallbackMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
Members repeatCardinalityManyConstant23 Aug 2021
New Grade MethodNewGradeMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
New Grade ScriptNewGradeScriptScript23 Aug 2021
No Repeat Parts With Scale SwitchNoRepeatPartsWithScaleSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
No Repeat Parts With Target SwitchNoRepeatPartsWithTargetSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
No Repeat Parts With Value SwitchNoRepeatPartsWithValueSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Node Type Derivation MethodNodeTypeDerivationMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
NumberScaleTypeSelectorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Number - no decimalsIntegerStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Number - no decimalsScaleIntegerConstant23 Aug 2021
Number - with decimalsNumberStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Number - with decimalsScaleNumberConstant23 Aug 2021
Number completionScaleCompletionIndicatorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Number headingScaleCaptionDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Number questionScalePreambleEditDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
number-link-textPartOrderScaleTargetValueConstant23 Aug 2021
number-text-linkPartOrderScaleValueTargetConstant23 Aug 2021
Optional Question PrototypeOptionalQuestionPrototypeQuestion14 Mar 2022
Part orderPartOrderDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Part Order SwitchPartOrderSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Parts With Scale SwitchPartsWithScaleSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Parts With Target SwitchPartsWithTargetSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Parts With Value SwitchPartsWithValueSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
QuestionQuestionTypeType14 Mar 2022
Question footerFooterEditDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Question headingShowMemberTypeHeadingDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Question may be omittedCompletionOptionalConstant23 Aug 2021
Question must be answeredCompletionMandatoryConstant23 Aug 2021
Question styleQuestionStyleMember Type23 Aug 2021
QuestionnaireQuestionnaireTypeType With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Questionnaire PrototypeQuestionnairePrototypeType With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Quick Add StyleQuickAddStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Radio buttons - across the pageTargetAcrossConstant23 Aug 2021
Radio buttons - down the pageTargetRadioConstant23 Aug 2021
RepeatCardinalitySelectorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
RepeatingScaleSwitchRepeatingScaleSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
RepeatingTargetSwitchRepeatingTargetSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
RepeatingValueSwitchRepeatingValueSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Single lineSingleLineStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Sort Members SwitchSortMembersSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
Sort Targets SwitchSortTargetsSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
SwitchesSwitchesMember Type23 Aug 2021
Target SwitchTargetSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
TextValueTypeSelectorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Text boxTextBoxStyleConstant23 Aug 2021
Text BoxValueTextBoxConstant23 Aug 2021
Text completionValueCompletionIndicatorDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Text completion lengthValueCompletionLengthDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Text headingValueCaptionDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Text questionValuePreambleEditDependent Member Type23 Aug 2021
Text SwitchTextSwitchConstant23 Aug 2021
text-link-numberPartOrderValueTargetScaleConstant23 Aug 2021
text-number-linkPartOrderValueScaleTargetConstant23 Aug 2021