Types used to define help content and to retrieve it.

AdvancedHelpSetAdvancedHeadingDisplay Field23 Aug 2021
ContentHelpContentText Block Field23 Aug 2021
Derive Help SetDeriveHelpSetDerivation Field23 Aug 2021
Derive Help TopicDeriveHelpTopicDerivation Field23 Aug 2021
Get Help ServiceGetHelpServiceScript23 Aug 2021
Help referenceHelpReferenceField23 Aug 2021
Help SetHelpSetTypeType23 Aug 2021
Help TopicHelpTopicTypeType23 Aug 2021
Help topicsHelpTopicListLink List Field23 Aug 2021
Help Topics ViewHelpTopicsViewView23 Aug 2021
TargetHelpTargetField23 Aug 2021