Metadata for file nodes.

Attachment member typeAttachmentMemberTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
AttachmentsAttachmentsMember Type With Scripts3 Dec 2021
Capture Pasted Images FieldCapturePastedImagesFieldTypeType With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Capture Pasted Images Field PrototypeCapturePastedImagesFieldPrototypeField23 Aug 2021
Content FileContentFileTypeType14 Mar 2022
Create Derivative Files ServiceCreateDerivativeFilesServiceScript5 May 2022
Data FileDataFileTypeType5 May 2022
Derivative FileDerivativeFileTypeType23 Aug 2021
Derivative file detailsDerivativeFileDetailsScript Block14 Mar 2022
Derivative file node typeDerivativeFileNodeTypeLinkMember Type5 May 2022
Derivative filesDerivativeFilesMember Type21 Dec 2018
Derive Content File SizeDeriveContentFileSizeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Derive File ExtensionDeriveFileExtensionMember Type14 Mar 2022
Derive File Node NameDeriveFileNodeNameMember Type25 Nov 2020
Derived FileDerivedFileTypeType14 Mar 2022
DetailsFileDetailsViewFamilyView Family14 Mar 2022
Edit Action ScriptEditActionScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Editor fieldsPastedImageEditorFieldsLink List Field23 Aug 2021
FileUserFileTypeType14 Mar 2022
File Action ButtonsFileActionButtonsScript Block14 Mar 2022
File Actions Column ScriptFileActionsColumnScriptScript23 Aug 2021
File Derivation HashFileDerivationHashMember Type21 Dec 2018
File DetailsFileDetailsScript Block14 Mar 2022
File Details ScriptFileDetailsScriptScript16 Jun 2022
File Link Column ScriptFileLinkColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
File Name Column ScriptFileNameColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
File Node ScriptFileNodeScriptScript5 May 2022
File node typeFileNodeTypeMember Type21 Dec 2018
File optionsFileOptionsMember Type With Scripts5 May 2022
File OptionsFileOptionsTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
File PackageFilePackageTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
File ScriptFileScriptMember Type30 Sep 2021
File Settings ButtonsFileSettingsButtonsScript Block14 Mar 2022
File Upload Utils ScriptFileUploadUtilsScriptScript14 Mar 2022
File ViewFileViewView14 Mar 2022
File With DerivativesFileWithDerivativesTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
FilesFilesDisplay Script Field14 Mar 2022
Folder binding referencePastedImageFolderBindingReferenceText Field23 Aug 2021
Gallery Member TypeGalleryMemberTypeTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
Gallery Member Type PrototypeGalleryMemberTypePrototypeMember Type With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Gallery PackageGalleryPackageTypeType14 Mar 2022
Gallery Package DisplayGalleryPackageDisplayGallery Member Type14 Mar 2022
Gallery Package UploadGalleryPackageUploadUpload Member Type3 Dec 2021
Gallery ScriptGalleryScriptScript5 May 2022
Gallery sizeGallerySizeMember Type21 Dec 2018
Gallery ViewGalleryViewView14 Mar 2022
Maintain Data FileMaintainDataFileField5 May 2022
Node With AttachmentsNodeWithAttachmentsTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Node With UploadNodeWithUploadTypeType With Scripts14 Mar 2022
Original fileOriginalFileEnforce Inbound Link Member Type23 Aug 2021
Owning nodePastedImageOwningNodeEnforce Inbound Link Member Type23 Aug 2021
Package UploadPackageUploadDisplay Script Field5 May 2022
Package Upload ScriptPackageUploadScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Pasted Image Capture ScriptPastedImageCaptureScriptScript23 Aug 2021
Pasted Image FilePastedImageFileTypeType23 Aug 2021
Pasted imagesPastedImagesLink List Field23 Aug 2021
PreviewPreviewViewFamilyView Family14 Mar 2022
Preview Column ScriptPreviewColumnScriptColumn Script14 Mar 2022
Previous file storage keyPreviousFileStorageKeyMember Type Class7 May 2020
Remove Or Delete File Action ScriptRemoveOrDeleteFileActionScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Rename File Form ScriptRenameFileFormScriptScript5 May 2022
SettingsSettingsScript Block14 Mar 2022
Simplified File Edit Actions ProcessSimplifiedEditActionsProcessProcess14 Mar 2022
Simplified File Edit Actions Button Column ScriptSimplifiedFileEditActionsButtonColumnScriptColumn Script3 Dec 2021
Simplified File PackageSimplifiedFilePackageTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
Simplified File ViewSimplifiedFileViewView14 Mar 2022
Simplified FilesSimplifiedFilesTable Builder Member Type14 Mar 2022
SizeFileSizeColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
Small Icon Column ScriptSmallIconColumnScriptColumn Script14 Mar 2022
UploadFileUploadMember Type With Scripts3 Dec 2021
UploadUploadMember Type With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Upload File ScriptUploadFileMethodMember Type21 Dec 2018
Upload Member TypeUploadMemberTypeTypeType With Scripts5 May 2022
Upload Member Type File Upload ScriptUploadMemberTypeFileUploadScriptScript14 Mar 2022
Upload Member Type PrototypeUploadMemberTypePrototypeMember Type With Scripts5 May 2022
Upload Text BlockUploadTextBlockUpload Member Type14 Mar 2022
Use base64UseBase64IndicatorBoolean Field5 May 2022