Derive Row Definition


Derivation run on row types that produces in the node type's node options a description of the row.

The options has the following structure.

"name": "Row type name",
"short_reference": "Row short reference",
"reference": "row.node.type",
"fields": [
"name":"Field Name",
"key": true|false,
"useText": true|false,
"textName": "name_for_text_part",
"useNumber": true|false,
"numberName": "name_for_number_part",
"useLink": true|false,
"linkName": "name_for_link_part,
"parentTableReference": "table_reference",
"file": true|false,
"childTableReference": "table_reference",
"childTableFieldReference": "field_reference",
"childUpdateWithParent": true|false

references is, in order of precedence:

  • The member type sequence reference, excluding a suffix of #.
  • The short reference, which defaults to the local reference.

key is set to true for fields that have a sequence reference that is, or end with, #.

The properties after type are applied for a type of entity (i.e. a repeating member). They indicate what parts are used and what names should be used for those parts. The part names are taken from the appropriate captions, suitably converted to references, or with the suffixes _text, _number or _link.

If the type is link, the parentTableReference identifies the table to which the link should be made. This is extracted from the first value in the target list, which should be of form ${tableReference}/*. This is set automatically when using the Parent Field type.

If the type is a link, but it holds links to files, the parentTableReference will not be set but the "file" property will be set to true.

The childTable properties are applied only for a type of children. These do not hold data, but indicate that links to a child entity should be shown. The entity is given in childTableReference, and the field on the child entity that links to the parent in childTableFieldReference. If childUpdateWithParent is true, then the child rows are closely associated with the parent and can be updated along with the parent.

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