Package Display


Displays package content.

The package content is displayed in a table or list, with a menu ribbon above it.

The menu ribbon has:

  • A new menu
  • A tag menu, to select which nodes to show.
  • A view menu, e.g. to show Table, List or Summary.
  • An options menu, e.g. to show number of columns in a list.
  • A recalculate menu.

Node options

The display is controlled by node options. This is a JSON structure. All can be set to true or false, and default to true, unless otherwise stated.

packageDisplayRibbon Whether to show any of the ribbon (new, tag and view selection, refresh).
packageDisplayNewMenu Whether to show the new menu.
packageDisplayNewCaption Caption to show for the main new menu item. Defaults to "New" if there are 0 or multiple items, or New XXX if there is 1 item or split is true.
packageDisplayNewMore Whether to show the more option on the new menu.
packageDisplayNewPopup Whether to show new page creation in a popup. Default false.
packageDisplayNewButtonClass Class to format button. Use one of the standard Bootstrap classes - default, primary, success, warning, danger, info, link
packageDisplayNewOpen Set to true to navigate automatically to newly created nodes.
packageDisplayTags Whether to show tags.
packageDisplayFamily Whether to show view family and options.
packageDisplayRefresh Whether to show the refresh menu.
packageDisplayAutoDefault Default value for package auto recalculate, on or off, default is on.

Example node options

This turns off the more option on the new menu, and the refresh menu.


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not entered

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