Switch BPM step type

Set the state to control the flow of execution flow. This is based on the evaluate step type.

The script defaults to "data", so you can use data to select a state, e.g. "%{data:result.nextStep}".

See the Evaluate BPM step type for general comments about scripts.

By default, this only permits the data parameter. If you want to set other properties through parameters, you must explicitly permit them.

Node options

[ { "reference": "switch", "name": "Evaluate", "script": "library.worker.EvaluateStepType.20", "properties": [ { "reference": "data", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "attributeReference", "dataType": "string", "value": "state" }, { "reference": "script", "dataType": "string", "value": "data" }, { "reference": "permit", "dataType": "any", "value": [ "data" ] }, { "reference": "remote", "dataType": "boolean" } ] } ]