Set attributes BPM step type

Set attributes that can be accessed in a later step.

Attributes are specified as names and values in a "set" property. Values can use runtime placeholders, unless the placeholders property is set to false.

Set "remote" to true to permit remote calls, set "removeRequest" to true to remove the request, which can be useful when using set attributes to capture request parameters.

Node options

[ { "reference": "setAttributes", "name": "Set attributes", "script": "library.worker.SetAttributesStepType.9", "properties": [ { "reference": "set", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "permit", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "removeRequest", "dataType": "boolean" }, { "reference": "placeholders", "dataType": "boolean" }, { "reference": "remote", "dataType": "boolean" } ] } ]