Send process BPM step type

Send a process definition to a partner, so that it can participate in a process with a worker.

This is typically picked up by a control worker that creates a new worker and instantiates it with the process.

sendProcess is inserted automatically by the process compiler.

This supports only a subset of properties required by generated processes, and only supports the role, name, processDefinition, statusRules, ownerRole and initAction properties.

Node options

[ { "reference": "sendProcess", "name": "SendProcess", "script": "library.worker.SendProcessStepType.33", "properties": [ { "reference": "role", "dataType": "string" }, { "reference": "name", "dataType": "string" }, { "reference": "processDefinition", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "statusRules", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "path", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "config", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "connectionRole", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "connections", "dataType": "any" }, { "reference": "private", "dataType": "boolean" }, { "reference": "initAction", "dataType": "string" }, { "reference": "placeholders", "dataType": "string", "value": "@" } ] } ]