Metadata for aggregator functionality.

Add Package Contents To Node ListAddPackageContentsToNodeListDerivation Member Type23 Aug 2021
AggregatorAggregatorDocumentationPage25 Aug 2022
Aggregator ConfigurationAggregatorConfigurationTypeType With Scripts27 Jul 2022
Aggregator DataAggregatorDataMember Type21 Dec 2018
Aggregator DisplayAggregatorDisplayMember Type With Scripts25 Aug 2022
Aggregator layoutAggregatorLayoutMember Type21 Dec 2018
Aggregator LayoutAggregatorLayoutTypeType14 Mar 2022
Aggregator PackageAggregatorPackageTypeType With Scripts25 Aug 2022
Aggregator PageAggregatorPageTypeType With Scripts25 Aug 2022
Aggregator ScriptAggregatorScriptScript25 Aug 2022
Aggregator StyleAggregatorStyleTypeType14 Mar 2022
Aggregator styleAggregatorStyleMember Type21 Dec 2018
Aggregator Style Column ScriptAggregatorStyleColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
Aggregator Style ScriptAggregatorStyleScriptScript6 Mar 2022
Aggregator Summary ViewAggregatorSummaryViewView14 Mar 2022
Aggregator viewAggregatorViewMember Type21 Dec 2018
Body contentBodyContentMember Type23 Aug 2021
Body endBodyEndMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Body startBodyStartMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Danger Panel StyleDangerPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Danger Panel With Icon StyleDangerPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Default Panel StyleDefaultPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Default Panel With Icon StyleDefaultPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Heading endHeadingEndMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Heading startHeadingStartMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Hidden StyleHiddenStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Icon LayoutIconLayoutAggregator Layout6 Mar 2022
Icon StyleIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Info Panel StyleInfoPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Info Panel With Icon StyleInfoPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
InfoBoard Change Style ScriptInfoBoardChangeStyleScriptScript25 Aug 2022
InfoBoard Copy Page ScriptInfoBoardCopyPageScriptScript23 Aug 2021
InfoBoard Get State ServiceInfoBoardGetStateServiceScript23 Aug 2021
InfoBoard Remove Page ScriptInfoBoardRemovePageScriptScript23 Aug 2021
InfoBoard Set State ServiceInfoBoardSetStateServiceScript23 Aug 2021
Large Icon StyleLargeIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Layout SummaryLayoutSummaryDerivation Member Type6 Mar 2022
Layout templateLayoutTemplateMember Type21 Dec 2018
Link classPanelLinkClassMember Type21 Dec 2018
Link StyleLinkStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Node listAggregatorNodeListMember Type With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Node listNodeListHeaderText Block14 Mar 2022
Panel endPanelEndMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
Panel startPanelStartMarkupMember Type21 Dec 2018
PreviewAggregatorStylePreviewMember Type With Scripts6 Mar 2022
Primary Panel StylePrimaryPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Primary Panel With Icon StylePrimaryPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Reset AggregatorResetAggregatorMember Type With Scripts23 Aug 2021
Reset Aggregator ScriptResetAggregatorScriptScript23 Aug 2021
Show icon and contentShowIconAndContentConstant23 Aug 2021
Show icon onlyShowIconConstant23 Aug 2021
Style bindingsAggregatorStyleBindingsMember Type21 Dec 2018
Success Panel StyleSuccessPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Success Panel With Icon StyleSuccessPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Summary Content Column ScriptSummaryContentColumnScriptColumn Script23 Aug 2021
Summary ProxySummaryProxyTypeType23 Aug 2021
Two-Column LayoutTwoColumnLayoutAggregator Layout6 Mar 2022
Warning Panel StyleWarningPanelStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022
Warning Panel With Icon StyleWarningPanelWithIconStyleAggregator Style6 Mar 2022