Metrici standard metadata libraries.

Metadata for creating and managing accounts. This is used internally by the system, and is not intended for general use.

The account manager, enhanced account management for Metrici.

Metadata for advisor functionality.

Metadata for aggregator functionality.

Metadata for creating, managing and analysing assessment projects.

Metadata for defining and importing processes using business process models.

Core metadata library.

Metadata for local databases with REST support.

Metadata for domains. This is used internally by the system, and is not intended for general use.

Field definition.

Metadata for file nodes.

Types used to define help content and to retrieve it.

Utilities and services for data import.

Types to define localizations.

Library for maturity models.

Metadata for managing navigation.

Provides support for networking.

Library for user notification.

Nodes used to create solutions and solution types.

Metadata for managing permissions.

Libraries for lightweight process execution.

Product packaging and management.

Defines the Question type, which can be used for creating end-user question member types.

Metadata for managing result sets, for example for surveys.

Encryption and security tokens.

Library for managing system and application settings.

Nodes used to create styling elements.

Metadata for managing surveys, demonstrations, tasters and similar usage patterns.

Utilities for table processing.

Tags used to classify nodes.

Types used to support tests.

Built-in themes.

Library for user management.

Metadata for managing user data.

Definitions for the Metrici workbench.

Provides support for process workers.