Metrici is a web-based platform for databases, web content, applications, assessments and advisory services.

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Metrici® is a fresh approach to creating awesome applications, wonderful websites, dynamic databases and a whole lot more, all in a unified and amazing way.

Metrici System Governance

Metrici System Governance helps you make improvements today and safeguard your IT systems for tomorrow.

Metrici System Governance involves a broad, balanced assessment of IT, structured around the key IT systems that your business depends on.

Much more than a simple survey, Metrici System Governance contains in-depth questions backed by an expert system to give you you actionable recommendations based on your situation.

System governance

Awesome Applications

Choose from a library of free and premium applications.

Use extensive component libraries to create new applications without coding.

Create new components using JavaScript, the standard programming language of the web.

Share your application with others for free, or sell as a premium app.

Embed applications into your website for the ultimate user experience.

Dynamic Databases

Choose, use, create, share and sell databases

Choose from a library of free and premium databases.

Use extensive libraries of designs to create new databases without coding.

Create your own databases, add security to control who can access the data, add compelling charts and reports.

Share your database with others for free, or sell it as a premium database.

Wonderful Websites

Create compelling websites easily

Choose from a library of pre-built templates and styles to create websites in a few minutes.

Use add-in apps and social media links to create a compelling experience for your visitors.

Create your own templates and styles to build your website, your way.

Share your templates and styles with others for free, or sell as a premium template.

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Monitor ITSM Self-Assessment & Online Benchmarking


Metrici was an accident.

We were trying to solve a different problem. But we found that the solution we built could do amazing things. Instead of needing different tools for building web content, for building databases, for building apps, we could do any of these, and a whole lot more, really simply and quickly in Metrici.

And the more we built, the easier and faster it became.

We are amazed by Metrici every day. Try it for free – you will be amazed too!


Metrici has been built from the ground up to define data, content and applications in a single, unified form.

Whatever you are doing in Metrici – browsing a website, querying a database, or developing a new app – you do it in exactly the same way.

Instead of using different tools to do different jobs, use Metrici to create, combine, share and sell any content, any data, or any application.

A Whole Lot More

There is no limit to what you can do with Metrici. As well as websites, apps and databases, you can:

Upload and manage documents with access and version control.

Create simple surveys, or complex assessments.

Use the in-built expert system to automate advice.

Link to corporate systems using secure web services.

And much more.

Got A Great Idea?

Do you have an idea for a great product but are frustrated by the lack of powerful tools to help you build it?

Talk to us about our Metrici partner programme.

Partner with Metrici to build magic applications.

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